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Real fairness and treated like a person.

I am so grateful that I engaged in your services. I thank you from day one for your assurance, transparency, advice and guidance. My experience with your firm showed me the difference between real fairness, being treated like a person as opposed to unfortunately left feeling like a case number statistic.


Acted with honesty, integrity and was always available for advice.

Wow, you wouldn’t think that taking a walk in a park could change your life! Being knocked over by a dog and breaking my ankle, not being home for over 3 months; 2 operations and not being able to work for some months. It was a true nightmare. Being single and no money coming in didn’t stop the bills from coming in. Everyone was telling me to seek legal advice; finally I got the courage to using a very well known firm, only to be passed from one person to another, and then told they weren’t interested. So I looked through the yellow pages and found and rang a local firm I was promptly put through to Henri. After telling him my story we had a meeting face to face and he felt confident we had a public liability claim. I knew then I had made the right decision to go ahead. It was not easy and very upsetting retelling and reliving that event but Henri always allayed my fears and gave me confidence to pursue the claim. He acted with honesty, integrity and was always available for advice. Thanks to him we finally got a satisfactory outcome. I am out of debt and can now put closure on that bad period of my life. Thanks Henri.

Amanda Eastwood

Professional, courteous, caring and diligent.

Whilst looking for a legal representative for advice on a work place injury, I was fortunate to encounter Henri Kauthen of Kauthen Legal. Henri guided me through the process pending Court action and I found his expertise invaluable. At all times Henri was professional, courteous, caring and diligent.Not only was the Court hearing favourable to myself, Henri’s “follow up” service is second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending Kauthen Legal, Personal Injury Lawyers.

Jan M

Quick to respond to any question.

After going through one of the most traumatic events of my life, being up on the roof using a circular saw, one small moment made a massive impact on my life, having to wait in surgery for over 7 hours and then getting my finger re-attached and being hospitalised for some time after. It affected my everyday life – I had to stop work, give up sport, go through many of follow up appointments and rehab. My uncle mentioned to me that he had been through the same thing and that I should seek some legal advice as I may be able to seek compensation for my pain and suffering. After nearly 2 years my finger is still not great. So I contacted a couple of the bigger firms who just seemed to be rude and also didn’t get back to me, then I must have got lucky as I stumbled across Henri Kauthen at Kauthen Legal. I wasn’t sure how much Henri could help me as I thought he may not be able to have the same power as the big companies, but he quickly proved me very wrong. Firstly it was an absolute joy working with Henri, he cares for you and you can feel that as soon as he shakes your hand. Everything that he told me was going to happen with my case was 100% true, at first he was not satisfied with what the insurance company had offered me and said to me that we will get more which we did. I just cannot believe the knowledge that he has, he is so quick to respond to any question that I had, I got the best outcome that I could have asked for. Henri thank you for all your time and effort.

Steve Humphries

Thank you for your hard work.

Thank you for your hard work in my case. I would highly recommend you to anyone who has been hurt at work in Victoria – thanks again.

Warren Bateman

Outcome substantially greater.

I never thought I would be able to say that it was a pleasure to deal with a law firm, but that’s exactly my experience trusting Henri at Kauthen Legal with my case. Henri combined great legal skill with tremendous compassion to determine the true value of my case and secured an outcome that was substantially greater than predicted by other law professionals. I would highly recommend Kauthen Legal to anyone in need of professional yet compassionate representation.


Workplace injury at 19 yo.

I first came to Kauthen Legal at the age of 20, having had a workplace injury at the age of 19, which resulted in a micro-discectomy. After meeting with Henri Kauthen for the first time, I felt like there was immediate clarity on what direction I should take and that I hadn’t met someone who wanted to work for me, but with me to achieve the best possible outcome.

Walked through the entire process.

I was walked through the entire process of how my case would proceed, including any hurdles that may be encountered- in short I was shown the full picture as opposed to half pictures shown to me by other solicitors.

I immediately wanted Kauthen Legal on my side.

From the honesty shown in that first meeting I immediately wanted Kauthen Legal on my side. Needless to say everything outlaid in that first meeting  came to pass and there was not one moment where I was unsure of the status of my case as I was constantly kept up to date with what stage my case was at, as well as any updates that occurred.

Couldn’t be happier.

Kauthen Legal certainly changed my perspective of some solicitors; I couldn’t be happier with the level of professionalism and conduct shown towards the case and how I was treated throughout the process. However, more importantly, that I wasn’t treated just as a case file number or just a client, I was treated as a genuine person. There is no doubt in my mind, if (touch wood) I was in need of legal services again, I would certainly turn to Kauthen Legal.


Outcome was very successful.

I am writing this letter on behalf of my husband who had to have a knee replacement due to a work injury. Although this was a very stressful time, Henri did his utmost to keep things rolling smoothly and quickly, also keeping us updated with every step. Our outcome was very successful with my husband having his knee replaced and receiving financial compensation. We will be highly recommending Henri Kauthen to any family or friends that are in need of legal help. Again we can’t thank him enough. Thanks Henri.

Carmel & Leonard Clark

Support and strength to see it through.

We met Henri approximately 4 years ago when after an operation to repair a slap tear and biceps tendon in my right shoulder and neck injuries failed, leaving me  permanently damaged from a work injury. My brother in law suggested Henri who had helped him with his work injuries claim and he spoke highly of him. Henri was a great support throughout our legal battle and he treated us more as friends than clients and worked very hard to see our claim through. I received what Henri thought I would and we really appreciate all his support and hard work and also his counsel as going through this period in our lives was tough financially and mentally. Henri gave us support and strength to see it through. He never took any chances with my claim and any problems we had with the WorkCover insurer he soon sorted out. He was right on to any problems we had with them. We would recommend Henri very highly to anyone with a WorkCover claim, he was and will always be a trusted friend. Thank you again Henri for everything you have done for us as now we can make a new start in life and put all the dramas of WorkCover behind us. All the best and keep in touch.

Marianne Aldridge & Chris Dalm