Kauthen Legal Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law.

Starting your claim - our two-step process.

Step 1 - Case Analysis

The first step in starting any claim for compensation for a personal injury is to get legal advice in order to assess whether you have a valid claim in the first place.

Our firm will assess your case at no charge and determine:

  1. Who the defendant is;
  2. The area of law that you can pursue your claim under;
  3. Your prospects of success and compensation range;
  4. Whether we will take on your case on a no win no fee basis.

Step 2 - Case Strategy

There are many ways that we can pursue a personal injury claim for our clients, and many do not involve stressful court proceedings. We know that our clients are suffering due to the nature of their injuries and it is our job to take away that stress to pursue and resolve their claim for them.

We will outline a strategy aimed to resolve your matter that includes:

  1. Obtaining all medical evidence in relation to your condition;
  2. Gathering all evidence in relation to liability and financial loss suffered;
  3. Applying for any statutory remedies available e.g. WorkCover & TAC;
  4. Exploring alternative dispute resolution with the defendant;
  5. Initiating court proceedings if alternative dispute resolution is unsuccessful.

Our difference.

Compare us to other personal injury law firms.

Accredited Specialists.

No Win No Fee.

No 25% uplift fee.

Two-step process.

We cover disbursements.

We help clients get compensation for -

Work Injury

TAC / Road Injury

Faulty Product

Sexual Abuse

Intentional Assault

Public Liability

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