How we work

How we work with lawyers.

MyDefence provides a process of affordable law, without any compromises in the quality of legal representation. See below how your lawyer can do this for a low fixed fee.

Before your next court date.

1. Register.

Click on the START MY DEFENCE button and register a MyDefence account that suits your case.

2. Provide police officer details.

All you need to provide is the police officer's name and location written on your Summons (VIC, TAS, SA) or Court Attendance Notice (NSW). That's all your lawyer needs to get the ball rolling on your defence.

3. Video conference & advice.

Your referred lawyer will request and analyse the police brief, outline the defences for each charge and notify you through your MyDefence account. Your lawyer will then schedule a video conference get your version of events and to discuss what they need to do to disprove each charge.

4. Negotiation with prosecutor.

Your lawyer negotiates with the police and prosecutor before your first court date to get charges withdrawn or reduced.

5. We outline your case strategy.

Your referred lawyer advises you on the outcome of negotiations and the position of the police and prosecutor; and provides you with your options and case strategy. Accessible 24/7 from your desktop or mobile.

6. We finalise your case.

Your lawyer attends all your important court dates including your Plea Hearing if they cannot get all of your charges withdrawn.

Been charged with a criminal offence?

Just give us the police officer's name and their location and a referred lawyer will start on your defence.