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Criminal Law.

Starting your defence - our two-step process.

Step 1 - Case Analysis

The first step in defending police charges is to break down the police brief and look at each element of the offence to see whether the prosecutor has the proof to prove any of the offences beyond reasonable doubt.

Our firm will assess your case at no charge and:

  1. Get your side of the story;
  2. Analyse each charge against the evidence in the police brief;
  3. Outline the strengths and weaknesses of each charge;
  4. Provide an opinion of the likely sentence or prospects of acquittal.

Step 2 - Case Strategy

There are many strategies that we can undertake to have police charges withdrawn, or to minimise the impact of any plea of guilty on your criminal record.

We will outline a strategy aimed to resolve your matter that includes:

  1. Gathering further evidence from you, the police or experts;
  2. Canvasing any technical defences;
  3. Negotiating with prosecutors;
  4. Putting a mitigation plan in place to argue a minimum sentence;
  5. Contesting charges with a second opinion by one of our barristers.

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Assault & Battery

Proceeds of Crime

Drug Offences

Public Disorder

Criminal Damage

Weapons Offences

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